How to Combat Oily Skin with Oil and Other Tips

How to Combat Oily Skin with Oil and Other Tips

I’m super excited about this post because it is my first skincare tip post thus far. I’ve been reading a lot about skin lately and would like to pass along some of the interesting things I have learned. Today’s focus is on oily skin or better yet ways to help de-grease yourself. Dewy skin is radiant, but no one wants to look like an oil slick.

I have combination skin, and I used to not wear makeup partly because I couldn’t go more than a few hours before I looked like I was sweaty. It was gross! Thanks to a few changes, I don’t have that problem anymore. So here are some tips to combat oily skin:

Use an Oil Cleanser

Now for everyone screaming internally about the crazy girl telling them to put oil on their face to get rid of oil, hear me out! Anyone ever make one of those bottles for a craft or in 002 (2)science class with oil and colored water inside? If you did, you will remember that no matter how much you shook that thing the oil and water always remained separate. Your skin works the same way. Oil gets stuck in your pores and washing with just soap mixed with water won’t get rid of it. So it stays there, clogs your pores more and more, and makes your oily skin problems worse. It can even lead to breakouts! An oil cleanser will grab that oil and pull it to the surface to make wiping it off easier. So all those commercials about cleansers being oil free and amazing…yeah not so much. I’ve used both Clean It Zero from Banila Co. and Klairs‘s Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil. Another option is Tonymoly‘s Floria Brightening Cleansing Oil which I have heard great things about!

Use a Good Toner

s1Before becoming obsessed with my skin health, I didn’t even know what a toner was. It turns out they are super important though. Toners are used to help reestablish the natural pH of your skin. Yes, your skin has an ideal pH (more science!). When that is disrupted by cleansers or other things we put on our face, our skin can react in various ways to try to correct it. For some people, one of these ways is producing too much oil to compensate for the imbalance. A good toner used immediately after cleansing can quickly help skin regain its ideal pH. Toners also have other goodies in them that can help with oil control too. Note when I refer to good toner, I do NOT mean an astringent alcohol based one that strips your face of nearly all moisture. Look for one that doesn’t have alcohol high on the ingredient list and has natural minerals and extracts instead (willow bark extract is a good one!). I use Missha‘s Pore Correcting Toner and I have noticed a significant difference! (confession this particular one does have a higher concentration of alcohol but the additional natural extracts balance it out) Most Korean toners aren’t astringent like some Western ones, but many brands have good options.


Again, this might seem counter-intuitive. Why would someone with oily skin want to put more stuff on their face? Well, for some people with oily skin, their skin is just in desperate need of moisture and is producing lots of oil because it is dry and that is all it can do to mediate the issue. So after cleaning off that excess oil, throw on a light moisturizer. Your skin will appreciate it. I use Etude House‘s Collagen Moistfull Emulsion. It is super lightweight but still effective!

Find a Fabulous Finishing Powder

004 (2)Why do you need to find a fabulous finishing powder? Alliteration that’s why! A good finishing powder can be a great final touch for people with oily skin. Many are made with minerals which absorb excess oil throughout the day. So not only can you use them to camouflage your pores or set your makeup, they are a great oil fighting base which can be touched up throughout the day if necessary. I use the Prime Primer Finish Powder by Banila Co. I’ve also heard good things about the Baby Face Pore Powder from It’s Skin! Just don’t put on too much powder no matter what you use as that will clog your pores. With skin, I’m learning that balance is everything!

Final Thoughts

As a last note, no two people’s skin is exactly the same. Some experimentation is necessary to find what works best with your body. Do you have any tips for fighting the oily fight that I didn’t mention here? Have any of these things worked for you? Let me know in the comments.

(Also note that all of the products which linked to international sites can also be found on I just wanted to include a variety of places to shop aside from there.)

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